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  1. “Knowing Christ and making Him known to all nations.”
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  4. Missionaries of Intercession - Servants of the Cross - Reynosa, Tams., Mexico
  5. Re-affirming Holistic Mission: A Cross-Centered Approach in All Areas of Life

“Knowing Christ and making Him known to all nations.”

Somewhere, however, between Malachi and Matthew this changes. Or if they do, it is no longer our business. The root cause of all such things is individual, internal and spiritual sin, and now, these things are all God is interested in.

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A subtle form of Marcionism underlies this approach. This alleged God has certainly shed all the passionate priorities of the Mosaic Law, and has jettisoned all the burden for justice that he laid on his prophets at such cost to them. The implications for mission are equally dramatic.

Mission Trips

For if the pressing problems of human society are of no concern to God, they have no place in Christian mission—or at most a decidedly secondary one. Such a view of God and mission is unbiblical, and frankly, unbelievable if one is to take the whole Bible as the trustworthy revelation of the identity, character and mission of the living God. Therefore, we need a mission-centered theology of the cross.

This was accomplished at the cross. God took that guilt and punishment upon himself in self-substitution through the person of his own Son.

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  • To remove the barrier of enmity and alienation between Jew and Gentile, and by implication ultimately all forms of enmity and alienation. To heal and reconcile his whole creation—this is the cosmic mission of God.

    A full biblical understanding of the atonement goes far beyond personal guilt and individual forgiveness. That Jesus died in my place, bearing the guilt of my sin, is of course the most gloriously liberating truth. That we should long for others to know this truth and be saved and forgiven by casting their sins on the crucified Savior in repentance and faith is a most energizing motive for evangelism. But there is more in the biblical theology of the cross than individual salvation, and there is more to biblical mission than evangelism.

    The gospel is good news for the whole creation Mark , cf. Ephesians Rather, we set that precious good news for the individual firmly and affirmatively within its full biblical context of all that God has achieved, and will finally complete, through the cross of Christ for the whole of creation. Cross-Centered Theology of Holistic Mission But it is equally true and biblical to say that the cross is the unavoidable center of our mission.

    Sustainable Ministry As we join together with the local indigenous churches we want each mission trip to have a lasting impact. We work hard to customize the mission trips of each short-term team, matching their gifts and abilities to be able to help and meet the needs of the local churches.

    Cross Pointe Church

    This ensures that the work will grow and we will grow with it. We believe by doing this it helps to build the local church and make it prosper in the community. Contact Us. St , Harlingen, TX Facebook Google. Community Along with sharing the Gospel, one of the key aspects of all of our trips is building up the communities in which we work. Ships fast secure, expedited available!.

    Missionaries of Intercession - Servants of the Cross - Reynosa, Tams., Mexico

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    Re-affirming Holistic Mission: A Cross-Centered Approach in All Areas of Life

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