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Featured Resources. Books Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice features 26 chapters examining multiple categories of cancer-care agents, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, molecularly targeted agents, and hormone therapy.

Nursing Reference Center, Netcare Learning Centre

Clinical Practice Resources Toolkit for Safe Handling of Hazardous Drugs for Nurses in Oncology This toolkit is a quick guide to help you find ways to advocate for, and be an active participant in, your own safety and the safety of your coworkers. Corporate Council. It includes following nursing equipment — cheat sheets cardstock ABGs, cardiac, clinical, mnemonics, pharm, and more , clinical assistant templates brain sheet, drug card, report sheet , lab value ID badge and the nursing clipboard, which makes it perfect for both nursing students and nurses in general.

Just like all of the other models, it comes with quick nursing references such as assessment, EKG, GCS, lab values, math for meds, medications antidotes , medical Spanish, nursing pharm, etc. From vibrant pink to elegant black, it is up to you which one you like the best. However, some nurses prefer to have a simple, white nursing clipboard that will compliment their scrubs and hospital environment in general. This model is slim and lightweight, made of sturdy, high-quality material. It comes with a side paper storage pocket where you can keep your report sheets.

MDS Cheat Sheets

It will suit both registered, licensed, and student nurses. Medics wanted to design a clipboard that will be ideal for nurses and medical professionals going through clinical rotations. This means high durability combined with a broad spectrum of useful information given on the usual nursing references, on the inside and backside of the clipboard.

So, they made a clipboard that is perfect for this exact purpose. Of course, this model is HIPAA compliant, slim and lightweight and it will provide you with enough storage to keep your reports, scissors, cell phone, pens, anything you might need during your rotations. Lastly, this product is waterproof and easy to clean. If you prefer vertical folding over horizontal, but you still want to go with a reliable brand such as WhiteCoat, this is the model you should consider. Just like any other, this full-size clipboard folds in half to fit into your scrub pocket and has a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction.

You can carry 15 pieces of paper with yourself and not one of the needs to be folded. WhiteCoat knows that keeping all the information in your head can be complicated, so they made sure that you have a quick guide on your hands. Whether you are still in the nursing school, or you already have a job, this product will serve you right.

NRC training

Except for the nursing clipboard, this kit includes a brain sheet notebook pocket or multipatient , one set of medical reference cards nursing notes or scrubnotes , medical abbreviation booklet, and badge reel. The nursing clipboard is quite deep, so you can store anything you want in it, from pens, notes, scissors, and similar nursing equipment, to your tablet or Ipad if you need it.

It is sturdy enough, and it will keep the medical documentation of your patients secure. Many people think that buying a nursing clipboard is a no-brainer.

Reference Sheets

You just go into the first stationery store and get the most beautiful yet reasonably priced one. Well, as you can see, things are not that simple. Nursing clipboard is supposed to be HIPAA compliant, to provide you with enough storage space and to make your work days easier by allowing you to take a quick look at some necessary medical information. At the same time, it should be sturdy enough, water-resistant and lightweight, so you can carry it around.

We gave you the best nursing clipboards you can find on the market, at the moment. Each one of them meets these standards. Outdoor trips are fun but you never know when bad weather can ruin the day. Reflex hammer is an important medical tool, especially for doctors and nurses … If you are living with foot issues like bunions, you understand why investing in … Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All information on this website is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only.

Consult with your own doctor for information and advice on your specific questions. Additionally, Thingsnurseslike.

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