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  1. Yggdrasil - Yggdrasil, sacred ash tree - Occultopedia, the Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia
  2. The significance of Rakhya – the sacred Ash
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Sacred Ash - Insurrectionist [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

See other recent events and articles. Events See all. Comment See all. In the news See all. Among his many names, some relate to cremation ground and ashes. Ash helps one to dwell on the ephemeral nature of worldly existence.

Yggdrasil - Yggdrasil, sacred ash tree - Occultopedia, the Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia

It is an offering of the individual self to Shiva, a step towards vairagyam, detachment. It is growing into Shiva-consciousness - moving from rajas and tamas - activity and inertia - to sattva, spirituality. Ash is applied to various parts of the body chanting prescribed mantras. Among the followers of Virashaivism, ash is regarded as one of the ashtavarnas, eight shields or coverings of the initiated ones.

Its application forms a protective sheath of active energy round the body, and is traditionally believed to dispel fear, depression and negative energy. Ash has anti-microbial, anti-fungal and germicidal properties, and is an active ingredient in folk medicinal pastes. Used externally, Agnihotra - ash can heal wounds, cure leprosy, remove itching and other diseases of the skin. Taken orally, it is useful in gastritis, migraine, tonsillitis, pain of kidney and women ailments.

The significance of Rakhya – the sacred Ash

Ash from the ordinary fire makes good manure for fields as scientifically proved. It has also been used as a utensil cleanser in Hindu homes from ancient times. In Norse mythology and in contemporary Teutonic-Nordic Paganism, a sacred ash tree, the world tree, located at the center of the universe and uniting it. Yggdrasil unites Earth, Heaven, and the Underworld by its roots and branches.

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Yggdrasil is regarded as the great tree of knowledge and is a symbol of the generation of life. Sources: 1 Daly, Kathleen N. The Penguin Book of Norse Myths.

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The Master's Secrets #3 "Dimensional Links and Nabat, The Sacred Ash"

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